Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stevie's party

I am a week behind on my posts, but my brain is just starting to calm down after a week and a half of training at my new job. The computer system there is very complex, but I'm getting it, slowly.

A week ago Friday was our friend Stevie's 4th birthday party. We packed up the car and headed over to Mike and Stacy's house to celebrate. There were tons of parents and little ones there, and the party was lots of fun.Check out that last pic. I was so proud when my kiddo disappeared and I realized that she went to the potty all by herself (it's never happened without assistance while we've been out in public). She was so excited to see the rest of the presents being unwrapped that she ran out in the living room half dressed. What a goofy girl.And here's LittleMan entertaining at the party: quite possibly the next Harry Connick Jr.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Job

I am exhausted. I heard about a job opportunity on Sunday at church. I interviewed on Monday, then again on Tuesday, and I started my new job today. I woke up at 6:00, got to work just before 8:00, learned so much that my head felt like it was going to explode (until 5:15pm). I made it home by 5:30, scarfed down some dinner, then headed up to the church to teach scouts at 6:00pm. At 7:00 scouts ended and Young Women activities began, but Tyson was in charge of the YW activity, teaching self defense. I stayed to be his attack dummy, so we got home at about 8:45pm. I saw my son for 5 minutes in the morning before I left, and my daughter for 15 minutes after work while I was eating dinner. They were in bed by the time I got back from church tonight. I miss my kids and wish I didn't have to get a job, but I think that the Dr.'s office where I'll be working is full of nice people and will be pleasant enough. Now I'm dragging myself off to bed so that I can do most of this all over again tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey Zepp

So my daughter's Sunday school teacher came up to me after church when I was retrieving BittyBit from class and said, "Your daughter is so cute. She talks to me in class and is like 'Hey Zepp' and asks me a question." Later BittyBit asked me, "Mom, can Zepp come to our house and play with me?" and as we were leaving the chapel she shouted,"Bye Zepp!" At my church we usually call people Brother or Sister and then their last name. I guess she dispensed with the formalities and just cut to the chase.

Here is a double page layout I did of my brother in law's wedding. I removed the journaling for their privacy. Click on each of the previews to view it larger.

Credits: Template by Simply Yin, White background paper by Weeds & Wildflowers Designs Follow Your Bliss Kit, Red paper for ribbon from Chris Greiser's Love in Paris kit. Font - Black Chancery.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kids say the funniest things.

Fishing for compliments
This morning at Church my daughter and I had the following exchange:

BittyBit looked at me and asked: Momma, what's that on your lips?
Mom: It is called lipstick.
BittyBit: Why do you have lipstick on?
Mom: So that I can look prettier at you like it?
BittyBit: No, it makes you look like a clown.

The moral of the story is don't ask a three and a half year old what she thinks unless you really want to know!

Scrapbook layout
Here is a layout I completed for the Weeds and Wildflowers Birthday celebration a month or so ago. These pictures are from BittyBit's first birthday and if you look closely at the pictures where she is opening the presents, you can see the rash on her cheeks that she got from eating the red sprinkles on the cupcakes.The template is by Courtney Wilson, and everything else is by Weeds & Wildflowers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best. Party. Ever.

I just went to a Twilight book party and it was so much fun. All of the attendees were Twilight fans. The party was a themed birthday party for the main character in the book, Bella (whose birthday is actually today, or would be if she was real). There was tons of good food to munch, great games, trivia, and of course debate over who Bella really belongs with. I have never been to a book themed party before, but this was a blast. I'm not giving too many details here because I totally plan to rip off the party idea and have Amy help me throw my own! Check out Amy's blog in a day or two for more pictures and a better description.

Hurrican Ike

We have some friends in South Texas who had to evacuate to escape from Hurricane Ike. There was supposed to be heavy thunderstorms here, but we just got light rain and some wind. We are thankful to avoid the brunt of the storm, and our prayers are with all of our friends and all of the other people who have been affected by the hurricane and related storms.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

VA Hospital

Several people mentioned veteran's benefits for my dad, since he served in the military. I looked into what I needed to get him benefits, then I went spelunking in his apartment to try to find the correct forms. I knew they would be in his Book of Remembrance, where he keeps all of his important documents, but I didn't know if I'd be able to find it in his apartment. My dad doesn't like to throw anything away, so it was quite a job to sort through things and locate the book. No one had seen it in three years. I was able to find the paperwork I needed, so I then called the hospital to make sure I had everything, then Jenni, my aunt Judy (who is here for a few days from California), and I took my dad to the VA hospital last night. We left the hospital at about 1:30am, but he was admitted and we knew he'd be taken care of. Now we fill out a ton more paperwork and hopefully get some sort of referral to a rehab center for stroke patients and maybe some assisted living or nursing home resources. At least we have a bit of help with all of this now, as the VA Hospitals definitely take care of their veterans.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My dad's sister arrived from California today to see him. Tyson and I went with the kids to pick her up from the airport. We headed over to the hospital, but on the way over, I received a call from Derek saying that the hospital was about to release my dad. The last thing that I'd heard was that they put a scope in his veins this morning to search for blood clots. Apparently they didn't find any, so they decided to release him.

I have a big problem with this, because hospital staff told us not to make any arrangements for his care because they had no idea what was wrong with him. Then they release him without giving us time to prepare anything. While I was talking to a member of the hospital staff, trying to argue against his release until we could talk with a doctor, Tyson was in the room talking to my dad. He didn't even know what year it is. He can't walk unassisted, and he can't even cut up his own food. I was told that my dad had already been released, so if we wanted him to stay longer, we would need to pay out of pocket up front. We wouldn't have known they were releasing him if Derek (my brother in law) hadn't called the hospital to learn the results of the tests they ran in the morning. What kind of hospital releases a stroke victim who can't take care of himself, without even notifying the family?

We took him to my sisters house for now, because he can't be by himself. We are trying to arrange to have someone with him all day, but he really needs more help than we can provide, and I don't know what we can get for him on his fixed income. He had another stroke almost as soon as we got home. I don't know what to do for him. This is the worst.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Dad

Recent events have threatened to turn me into a no show on the blogosphere again, so I thought I'd give a little update, just in case I do disappear for a while.

My dad was rushed to the hospital Friday night. My youngest sister was with him and noticed that he was behaving oddly. She decided it wouldn't be good for him to drive so she drove him home. When they arrived, he was unresponsive, so she ran to get help. Somewhere in the course of things he stopped breathing, but a quick thinking office staff at his apartment complex found a maintenance man who knew CPR and they were able to revive him and keep him breathing until the ambulance arrived. When he got to the emergency room, they did a CAT Scan and told us it was likely he'd had a stroke. A few days and an MRI later, the Dr. said that he did indeed have a stroke, and it wasn't his first. They found evidence of many previous strokes located in the memory and balance centers of his brain, which would explain a lot of his behavior recently. He seems to be stable right now, but the doctors are still trying to figure out where the blood clots are located that keep causing the strokes so that they can decide how to proceed. My sisters and I have been scrambling trying to get information and figure out what to do after this.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I've Been Up To

OK, I know it has been an extremely long time since I last posted, (hence the extremely long, picture heavy post today). I have been incredibly busy. I watched a whole lot of the Olympics. Now I'm busy watching the political conventions as the presidential nominees explain their platforms. I have to say I enjoyed the Olympics a lot more, but I know it is important to be educated about the issues.

I also received a new calling (cub scout den leader) and did a bunch of training for that. I completed some scrapbook pages. I'll come back and post those later, after I gather up all of the credits and finish the titles for a couple of pages. I have also spent a ton of time learning how to effectively clip coupons and use the sales of the local grocery and drug stores. I have already saved more than $100 on my grocery bill in the last week and a half and I got a ton of stuff for free. It's very exciting for me, and every thing else got put on hold for a while. So here is a rundown of some of the stuff that has happened during the last two weeks:

The Kids
The kiddos have been busy too. Here is BittyBit with the animal school that she set up a few weeks ago.LittleMan has perfected his walking technique and has even learned how to run all over the house.They have been playing so nicely together lately. Sister is getting so excited now that her little brother can interact a bit more. She is his biggest fan - she cheers and claps whenever he walks by himself or signs something to communicate with us. She is trying to teach him his ABC's and all the noises that animals make.LittleMan is going through a clingy phase. He screams anytime I leave the room. I mean bloodcurdling, why-are-you-beating-me screaming. It makes it very difficult to get anything done around the house, but I sure do love the cuddling that has resulted. He'll sit still in my lap for a long time and listen to a book or say nursery rhymes. We have a duck puppet that Connie brought back from a weekend trip somewhere. It quacks when you open and close its mouth, and LittleMan loves it. Here is LittleMan again after he learned how to work the mouth of the puppet. He was so proud of himself!

The House
I've been in a real "spring cleaning" mood. I know, I know, it is fall, not spring, but the feeling is there anyway. Tyson took apart the gargantuan dollhouse that Santa left in our living room last Christmas and put it in BittyBit's room. Then we moved around some of the furniture, pulled out some of the clothes that she has outgrown, and threw in a couple of toys for good measure. I'll load it all in the car and donate it after I finish with the rest of the house.

I reorganized my closet as well and today I tackled the baby's closet. I pulled out some of the gadgets that he has outgrown and made some more space in his closet.

Tyson primed the trim in the bathroom, and we are a little closer to finishing that room.

My brother in law is awesome. (Derek is awesome, not my good-for-nothing, soon to be ex-brother in law N., who had better be glad that he lives too far away for me to damage him after the last stunt that he pulled.) I had my niece over a few times in the last couple of weeks before school started. One day when Derek came to pick her up, he stayed and talked with me for a while. He realized that I could use a day out, and that his wife could use a day out, so the next day he called me and asked me to please bring my kids over that night and go out with Jenni. He even suggested that I call Julie and have her drop her kids off too so that she could join us. I think he deserves brownie points for a year for that move. :) We wandered around an outdoor mall for an hour or so then bought smoothies and talked on a park bench outside. It was a nice and unexpected outing.

My friend Rhiannon came over on Saturday to take maternity pictures. I'm a lazy bum and have only processed a couple of them, but check them out.That evening I met Julie, Shannon, and Sarah at Chili's for dessert and girl gab. Afterward Julie and I joined her sisters Lauren and Kara for Karaoke at a local sports bar. We got there kind of late, and I didn't sing, but I had fun hanging out with the other girls. I'm so jealous of Kara's dimples though!
Monday I went with the family to a Labor Day BBQ at Rhiannon's house. I got to see her house for the first time and swim in her pool, which was so nice after the hot weather that we've had lately. That night we headed over to Tyson's dad's house for another BBQ dinner. I'll admit that I was so stuffed from the first BBQ that I didn't have room for anything, but the company was nice.

Today finds the entire family well. The kids wrapped up the day with a team horsie ride on daddy's tummy. I had to crop the picture close because BittyBit is in a habit of "losing" her pants lately. I'll look up and she's just in her training panties and a t-shirt, which I usually don't even notice until I've taken pictures of whatever cute activity is going on and then realize that I can't post underwear pictures on the blog. That's OK, that habit is less annoying than her most recent middle of the night activities. On the plus side, she is starting to wake up in the middle of the night when she has to go to the bathroom. On the downside, she is starting to wake me up in the middle of the night when she has to go to the bathroom. 3am, give or take an hour and she's banging on my door yelling, "Mom! I have to go potty!" I have got to rig a nightlight or something so that she can take herself. She can't reach the light switch to turn on the bathroom light. We don't have any outlets in the hall, so I can't put a nightlight there. The one outlet in the bathroom is wired into the light switch, so unless I leave the overhead light on, the nightlight won't work. There has got to be a happy medium. It probably involves Tyson climbing into the attic and rewiring something, which will not make him happy, but that's a story for another day. OK, I think I'm done. I'll try not to take so long between posts next time because I don't want to leave poor Jenny hanging all the way in South Texas!