Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 Week 4

I've been so exhausted lately that I haven't even turned on my computer most days. I get home from work, play with the kids, then go to sleep by 9-something. My morning sickness is beginning to subside (although I would feel a lot better if I could convince my sweet husband to stop eating garlic and onions until the pregnancy is over, as the smell of them makes me extremely nauseous.) Overall things are going well. I've done fairly well with my project 365, but I wasn't sure if some of the pictures would reference the pregnancy, so I didn't want to post anything until we decided to tell everyone.

I've had this layout ready for a month, but I have been too busy to post it. Here is week 4. And yes, I totally skipped Friday and used two pictures from Saturday, but it's my project, I can do whatever I want. :) Click on the previews to view them larger.

Template and papers are from Weeds & Wildflowers.