Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day

We had a fun time at our Stake's Pioneer Day celebration at church. They had a ton of cookies and breads, along with lemonade and water to drink. I heard that there was a pie eating contest, but I didn't join in that particular event. I talked with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and Tyson took the kids around to the different activities. We were running out of time for the craft activities, so I went into one of the rooms and made rag dolls for each of the kids. They thought those were pretty cool.
When I tucked the kiddos into bed, BittyBit asked me what my favorite part of the day was and I told her that it was when I was able to make dolls for her and her brother. She said her favorite part was the parade (where they got to walk around the parking lot and pretend that they were pioneers crossing the plains). Then she asked LittleMan if he had a favorite part of the evening. He said, "I eat cookies". There's a man for you, give him some cookies and he's happy. Tyson told me that LittleMan ate so many cookies and drank so much water that he lost it all during the parade. A minute and a half later he was back at the dessert table trying to cram his mouth full of more goodies.


Jenni said...

Just like his uncle Derek. Think you're full... no you're not. power through and keep eating!

Julie said...

What cute dolls! Sounds like their was lots of fun stuff to do at your activity.