Thursday, July 09, 2009

El Chico

We met Jenni and the gang out at El Chico for dinner. Her best friend Spring (from when we lived in Fredericksburg) came to stay a couple of days with Jenni and Derek. She and her family were relocating from one state to another and swung by Texas on the way to visit. We had a good time at dinner, then headed back to Jenni's for dessert.LittleMan and JenniBittyBit asked if we could take pictures on the colored tile bench that was in the entryway of the restaurant. I love the picture of her looking up at Tyson. LittleMan was much less into having his picture taken. When we arrived back at Jenni's house he was able to do what he really with her computer.

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Jenni said...

What was even funnier was when he clicked on the right buttons and got into a user.